Extra Lore


Galgenbeck in the land of Tveland is the greatest city

that ever was. No King or Queen rules in Galgenbeck but an

arch-priestess: Josilfa Migol. Deep beneath the Cathedral of the

Two-Headed Basilisks, in a cool black chamber crossed by shards

of light, lies her throne. Josilfa, old but still young, commoners

gossip that she colludes with the god Nechrubel, who gave her

eternal life. Nechrubel: the shadow that covers all. Nechrubel is

melancholy, crop failure, conflict and war. It is said he whispered

the apocalyptic prophecies in Verhu’s ear.

As time grows ever shorter the Two-Headed Basilisks become

ever-more desperate in their recruitment. To take one’s own life

is considered sinful cowardice. The road to salvation lies through

mortification of the flesh; the apocalypse is to be met with eyes

wide open. Only then can the soul be allowed passage to the

Shimmering Fields. Heretics and apostates are hunted down and

corrected, in public and at length, by the Inquisition.