The Goblin Grinder

The streets of Galgenbeck are littered with corpses, twisted, inhuman things: a goblin isn't an attractive sight on a good day and dead they are truly distasteful. Their mottled, ropy flesh rots but never decomposes; even the oldest skins in the darkest alleys hold their shape to warn passersby of their swiftly apporaching end. There's also the living goblins-probably the bigger issue here. They crawl inside basements, nest within cupboards, use dogs for target practice and generally wreak havoc upon the hapless Galgenbeckians. More and more townsfolk appear to be afflicted with the dreadful Goblin Curse and, with such a large infestation of the little scoundrels, it's becoming very difficult to figure out which one to snuff saving yourself from becoming one of them.

Not to worry! For the low cost of 40 silver local alchemist Nagel Krat has a cure. Until the price rises tomorrow, anyway. And the day after that. And the day after that...

Based on the scenario The Goblin Grinder by Johan Nohr & Ripley Caldwell