I want to roll for initiative

Roll 1 D6 + Agility

In the case of our example character a -3 Agility means they will never go first in battle. A value of 3 or less means the enemies go first and a value of 4 or more means you go before the enemies. 

I want to make a melee/ranged attack

Melee: Test Strength DR12

Ranged: Test Presence DR12 

Roll 1D20 + Ability

e.g. Grin rolls a 15 and adds his -3 Strength ability score. This equals 12 so Grin succeeds. Good for him. Grin has a knife which deals d4 damage which Grin now rolls. Nothing is added to damage rolls

If Grin wanted to throw their knife they would have added Presence to the D20 roll which also would have succeeded for the same d4 damage.

A roll of 20 means Grin deals double damage and the enemy's armor tier is reduced by 1

Special note: A scroll cannot be used if you are wielding a Zweihänder

I want to use an Omen

Omens are used after the dice have been rolled. You can either use an omen to deal maximum damage with an attack, force the reroll of any dice roll, lower damage dealt to you by 1D6, neutralize a crit or fumble, or lower the DR of a test you are making by 4

When you use an Omen expend one from your character sheet

I want to Rest

There are two types of rest in Mörk Borg. You need to have food and drink during a long rest to gain the benefits and you need to have water during a short rest to gain the benefits.

If you character is infected you do not gain the benefits of rest.

A "short" rest restores 1D4 HP

A "full" rest restores 1D6 HP

I want to use a scroll

At the start of each day roll 1D4 + Presence for how many times you can use a power in that day.

When you want to use a power select one of your scrolls and make a DR12 presence test. If you succeed, mark one use of power off of your character sheet and the power is activated.

If you fail you lose 2 HP, become dizzy for the next hour (Powers will always fail in the worst possible way during this time)

A roll of 20 results in something positive happening

A roll of 1 results in something happening

I want to defend against an attack

Test Agility DR12

Roll 1D20 + Ability

e.g. Grin is attacked by a goblin wielding a knife. Grin rolls a 15 and adds his -3 Agility ability score. This equals 12 so Grin succeeds. Grin takes no damage.

Grin is attacked a second time and rolls a 12 and and add his -3 Agility ability score. This equals a 9 so Grin fails and takes 1d4 damage from the knife minus 1d2 because of his tier 1 armor. (The damage can be reduced to 0 but you cannot regain HP by reducing damage beyond zero 😇)

Rolling a 20 means Grin gets a free attack on the attacking enemy and takes no damage

Rolling a 1 means Grin takes double the damage and Grin's armor is reduced by 1 tier

Armor that is reduced below tier 1 cannot be repaired and is broken.

A shield provides an additional reduction of -1 to any damage received or you may choose to have the shield break in order to not take any damage from one attack.

Shields and tier 2 and tier 3 armor cannot be used in conjunction with scrolls

Repair costs

Tier 1 to Tier 2: 25 silver

Tier 2 to Tier 3: 40 silver